Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2020 Florida Classic tournament for the age group.
Over 65 11 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Conneticut United O65 n/a 0202-0165M65-000374   n/a
 A2 Freddy Fund O65 n/a 0202-0165M65-000372   n/a
 A3 Rovers FC 65 n/a 0202-0165M65-000373   n/a
 A4 North Carolina O65 n/a 0202-0165M65-000376   n/a
 A5 Basc Srs O65 n/a 0202-0165M65-000368   n/a
 A6 DC Curmudgeons 65 n/a 0202-0165M65-000371   n/a
 A7 NOCARVA United O65 n/a 0202-0165M65-000369   n/a
 A8 Cinci HCC 65 n/a 0202-0165M65-000370   n/a
 A9 Oklahoma United O65 Broken Arrow 0202-0165M65-000366   Mike Allen
 A10 Tampa Bay United n/a 0202-0165M65-000375   n/a
 A11 Silver Strikers FL Bonita Springs 0202-0165M65-000367   n/a