Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2020 Florida Classic tournament for the age group.
Over 60 15 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Royal Cracovia Round Lake 0202-01C6M60-000390   Zbigniew Maczugowski
 A2 North Carolina O60 n/a 0202-01C6M60-000391   n/a
 A3 CT United O60 n/a 0202-01C6M60-000386   n/a
 A4 BASC Srs O60 Philadephia 0202-01C6M60-000383   n/a
 A5 HCC Cincinnati O60 n/a 0202-01C6M60-000378   n/a
 A6 DC Geezers n/a 0202-01C6M60-000379   n/a
 A7 60 Something Fort Lauderdale 0202-01C6M60-000380   Reynald Sanon
 A8 Curmudgeons FC O60 n/a 0202-01C6M60-000381   n/a
 A9 Riptide O60 n/a 0202-01C6M60-000382   n/a
 A10 Hammers FC n/a 0202-01C6M60-000385   n/a
 A11 CJM n/a 0202-01C6M60-000388   n/a
 A12 NEOFC n/a 0202-01C6M60-000392   n/a
 A13 Palm Harbor O60 n/a 0202-01C6M60-000389   n/a
 A14 T&T Regulars Masters n/a 0202-01C6M60-000393   n/a
 A15 Miami Kendall n/a 0202-01C6M60-000436   n/a