Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 20/21 Suncoast Season tournament for the age group.
Over 40 7 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Tampa International FC n/a 0101-024M40-000241   n/a
 A2 Dynamo FC O40 n/a 0101-024M40-000242   n/a
 A3 Florida Premier O40 Land O Lakes 0101-024M40-000243   George Fotopoulos
 A4 Clearwater International FC n/a 0101-024M40-000244   n/a
 A5 SPFC Aztecs O40 n/a 0101-024M40-000245   n/a
 A6 Colombia n/a 0101-024M40-000246   n/a
 A7 KNB FC 040 n/a 0101-024M40-000259   n/a